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from september 2000 to 20 avril 2004


Trio des Quilles pour piano (KV 498) Mozart
Polonaise Héroique Opus 53 Chopin (Free)
ErlKönig Schubert (Free)
Prélude N°3 Opus 23 Rachmaninoff (Free)
Transcription by Myra Hess from Bach Jesu Joy of Men's desire to be ordered on line


New on the Guide
Partitions gratuites pour trompettes
New Requests for Sheet music
Cantata BuxWV 15 "Der Herr ist mit mir". by Buxtehude to be bought from sheetmusic plus
Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah Clarke (Free)
Trumpett Tune Henry Purcell (Free)
Theme from Swann Lake by Tchaikovsky (Free)


New on the Guide with thousands of free scores to be printed and downloaded with a free plug-ing Scorch
New Requests for Sheet music
Dance of the flowers Tchaikoskovsky (Free)
Inventions by JS Bach (Free)
Cello Sonata Opus 19 Rachmaninov (Paying)


Special Promotion before launching new edition
Go and have a look at our new promotional prices for the Schumann and Chopin transcriptions


New on the Guide a new site for free classical sheetmusic, all pdf, an excellent site.


Happy New Year

New Requests for Sheet music
Marche Funèbre Opus 72 n°2 Chopin (Free)
Ma mère l'Oye, version pour piano à quatre main, Ravel To buy on line from Alapage
A la manière de Borodine Maurice Ravel, To buy on line (Paying)
Cantates BW 201-2116 Bach (Free)
L'enlèvement au sérail - Die Entführung aus dem Serail by Mozart. (Free)
Children's Corner, No.1 (Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum). Claude Debussy, (Free)
Opus 27 n°2 for piano n°14 do dièse mineur "Moonlight sonata" Beethoven 1801 (Free)

New on the Guide

A-Z pianosheetmusic Small collection (you need the Sibelius plug in)


Prelude and Fugue for organ C Minor BWV 546 JSBach (Free)
Fantaisie impromptue Op.66 Chopin (Free)
Nocturne n°2 en C sharp minor 1830 Chopin (click on Post in the menu) (Free)
Sonate K 322 de Scarlatti arrangement for guitar (Free)
Méditation of Thais for violin by Massenet (Paying)
Arrangement for Flut of Méditation of Thais (Free)
Jingle Bells (Free)
Ave Maria de Gounod Transcription for trompette(Free)
Ave Maria de Gounod transcription for organ solo(Free)
Martucci, Giuseppe La Canzone dei Ricordi
T be ordered from Classicalvocalrepertoire
Sonetto 104 del Petrarca by F. Liszt (Paying)

Additions on the Guide


Panis Angelicus for Piano by César Franck (Free)
Tombeau de couperin by Maurice Ravel (Free)
Romances sans paroles by Felix Mendelssohn (Free) or "Songs without words" op.19b (Free)
Lucrèce Borgia by Donizetti (Free)
Additions on the Guide
Opera Glass an opera information server on the World Wide Web


Rondo from Sonata K545 by Mozart( Free) on sheetmusicarchives
Rhapsody in blues by G.Gershwin (Paying) or less expensive at sheetmusicplus
Les septs paroles du Christ Gounod (Paying) to be searched amongst this list of Gounod's publishers on Charles Gounod site
Sonata K.227 by D. Scarlatti. (Paying)
Additions on the Guide
Editions Bourgès
If you like Edith Piaf, you will not miss this new site, a Must see

Additions on the Guide .... a nicely designed site with 266 free scores of classical guitar music.
If you like Bridge, perhaps, you will like Claire bridge my new bridgewebsite

When you are looking for a score, Dont forget first to have a look at the entry sheetmusic you looked for in the Guide, perhaps it's mentionned there

Spring from the Seasons by Vivaldi - piano/violin (Free)
Sarabande de Haendel... (Free) on Sheetmusicarchives
Variation on a theme by Corelli Rachmaninoff (Paying)
Russian rhapsody for 2 pianos Rachmaninoff (Paying)
Romeo and Juliet Love Theme by Nino Rota (Paying)


Norwegian opus 53 by Grieg (Free)
Je te veux by Eric Satie (Free) arrangement for guitar
Reading of Sacred Book
Seeker of the Truth
Musique for the Movements , all scores of piano music by De Hartmann and Gurdjieff .I could not fond them but they are published by Schott Musik international
Aquarium by Saint Saens (Paying) on Di-arezzo
Meditation for Violin and Piano ( Free) Massenet -You register before downloading but it's free.
Venite Exultemus by Mondonville, (Paying) to be ordered from Éditions Costallat 60 rue de la Chaussée d'Antin F - 75441 Paris Cedex 09 France ou Grands motets, vol. 4, éd. Sylvie Bouissou, Paris, Salabert, 1998

Additions on the Guide
Solo Flute sheet music


From time to time, I mention artist website worth your visit:
A new look for our partner 's site , Broomhead and Junker
Monique Carrière Poteries
Classic Cat - Directory of free classic mp3s made available by the performers themselves
New Requests for Sheet music
Adagio in G minor Albinoni
arr. by Daniel Taupin for clarinett (or violin) and organ ou arrangement (Free) and (Paying) on Music scores
Doumka by P. I. Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) (Free) on Mutopia

Concerto for piano N° 21 K 467 Mozart (Free)
Sonate N°331 (Rondo Alla Turc) Mozart (Free) on Sheetmusicarchives
Symphony No. 6 in B Minor, Op. 74 "Pathétique" Tchaikovsky (Free)

Asturias N°5 de la suite espagnole opus 47 (Free) Albeniz
Suite espagnole (Free) on Sheetmusicarchives
Danse Espagnole n°5 by Enrique Granados on Sheetmusicarchives click on Granados (Free)
Danse Espagnole N° 10 (Free) by Enrique Granados on The Guitar School

Additions on the Guide
The Classical guitar page of Nikita Boldyrev


Automne by Tchaikovsky (Free)
Francesca da Rimini, Symphonic Fantasia after Dante, Op. 32 Part I and Part II Tchaikovsky (Free)


Dedication (Widmung) de Robert Schumann, piano solo

Arranged by Franz Liszt. Piano Solo (Intermediate to advanced piano arrangements with no lyrics). Size 9x12 inches. 12 pages. Published by G Schirmer, Inc. (50501820) à 3$ 95 sur
or on Recordare on line store with a sample of the first page free


Trois Morceaux, Op 73 (Esquisse Venitienne ; Impromptu , Course folle) by Moritz MOSKOWSKI (Paying) on this japanese site
2ème concerto for piano and orchestra by Chopin (3 mvts) I found the third mouvment free on sheetmusic archives
Messe solennelle of Sainte Cécile by Gounod version orchestrale (full score) (Paying)

Symphony N° 9 in D Minor by Beethoven (Free)


Concerto en A mineur opus 16--Theme-Transcription for piano Grieg (Paying)
Rhaposy on a theme by Paganini opus 43
Rachmaninoff. Warner Brothers Publications Sales Rank: 478,869 - Released: 22 March, 1985 - ISBN: 0769259669 Mass Market Paperback
To be ordered on line at

Die Kunst der Fuge - Art of Fugue (BWV1080) by Bach.(Free)
See also les Canons (Free) and an interesting article on this piece of music.
Impromptu Opus 28 N° 3 by Hugo Reinhold To be ordered on line at

Marche Hongroise Berlioz (Free) with Scorch the free pluging.
Les Joies de la première année de piano Agay to be ordered on line at Musicroom

Additions on the Guide
Hector Berlioz a fantastic non profit site devoted to Berlioz music with free partitions (you need the Scorch plug ing)

Dukas's Sorcerer Apprentice To be bought on line at
Funérailles (Free) on Sheetmusic archives click on Liszt, then Funérailles (pdf)

Haendel Concerto in Bb Major opus 4 N°6 (Free)
Schumann " Des pays mystérieux" (Free)
Scenes from childhood opus 15 Number one
Chopin " Nocturne in C Sharp minor 1830" (Free) in the Nocturnes menu, click on Post.
Beethoven Sonata No. 1 in F major, Op. 5, No. 1 (FOURNIER) (Paying)

A New site for original, popular , a-capella choir arrangement


Francesca da Rimini, Symphonic Fantasia after Dante, Op. 32 part 1 part 2 (Free)
Barcarolle (Extract from Seasons) (Free)
Beethoven's Moonlight sonata (Free) 1. Adagio 2.Allegretto 3.Presto Agitato
Schubert's Stabat Mater .I could not find it free.This site tells all about StabatMater across ages.
Debussy's Rêverie
Two opérettes by J.Offenbach: Pépito and "Une demoiselle en loterie". I could not find the last one anywhere.
Sheetmusic editor Paul Beuscher
The Sheet Music Archives
is having problem.Let'us hope it will be back soon


Schubert's Ave Maria for Guitar (To be bought on line at
Thine is the glory from Judas Maccabe by Haendel (to be bought on line at
Coucou by Daquin (Free) on Metronimo.First you must download the Myriad free plug in to print the score.

Additions on the Guide
Musica Viva for free sheetmusic; back again and working


Schubert's Ave Maria for Tenor voice (Free)
I recommand this site too , but could not find exactly the Tenor part .Perhaps this Classical vocal repertoire site could help.
Catherlin Rollin Prelude No.7 in A minor from the preludes for piano book two (To be ordered on line)
Nobuo Uematsu- To Zanarkand Final Fantasy X
Sydney Bechet Petite Fleur . This site for the words
To be ordered on line on


Happy new year to all
I am pleased that the Guide is some help to lots of people .I received this mail just at Christmas time "Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I find your Sheetmusic guide VERY helpful. I think I visit it almost 2 or 3 times a week in search of pieces of music. Please keep updating it. I really appreciate your website! " Quite nice to read .
New Requests for sheetmusic.
Gai laboureur Robert Schumann
Caprices by Paganini both on The Scheetmusic Archives


New Requests for sheetmusic.
Va, pensiero G. Verdi (Free) Extrait de Nabucco
Nocturne 27 N° 2 Chopin
Ave Maria ( Free) opus 52 N°8

Additions on the Guide
Metronimo 743 free scores
Free Sheet Music Library


New Requests for sheetmusic.
Je te veux Eric Satie (Free) Transcription for guitar (Pdf Zip)
Turkish March Mozart (Free)
My Rose  Schumann (Free)
Parade (Free) Eric Satie
Ave Verum Corpus Mozart Motette KV618 (Free)
Scarlatti Sonate K77 (Free)
Landler Schubert (Free)
Prélude et Fugue en D mineur N° 6 Livre I from

Clavier bien tempéré Bach (Free)
Praeludium et Fuga e moll BWV 548 for organ
(Free) Mutopia Bach
Cantata BWV11 (Free)
Cantata BWV 43 (Free)
Cantata BWV 48 (Free)
Elegie Grieg (Free)
Slavonic dance N° 8 Antonin Dvorak (Free)

Russian Rhapsody Rachmaninoff to be ordered on line from Sheetmusicplus
Mephisto from Damnation of Faust by Berlioz Opera sheetmusic to be ordered from Classical Vocal Repertoire

Haendel Concerto opus 4 N° 2 for organ to be ordered from Arioso

Emil Von Sauer Concerto N°1 for Piano I could not find the sheetmusci anywhere.
Additions on the Guide
Musica Viva This site for free sheetmusic seems to have desappeared
Arioso Musique, classical sheetmusic editor( in Paris )

Ma Mère l'Oye Ravel (Click on Ravel in the Instrumental Music Composer List)(Free)
Mendelsohn Venetian Boat song (Free)

Vivaldi's cantata RV 631 O qui coeli on Casa Ricordi classical catalogue
Cyril Scott's Lotus Land for piano? I could not find this piece of music Free .Here is an interesting article on this father of british modern music

un bel di vedremo de Puccini (Madame Butterfly) (Free)

Well tempered Klavier N° 1 Bach
Watlz N° 15 (Free) Brahms
Jeux d'enfant La Toupie (Gratuit) La Poupée Bizet

Pianopassion is visited all over the World, as I found it , this week,recommanded on these sites
Zongora.Lap Hungary
Musicalka Russia
Dorset Music UK
University of Richmond USA

Additions on the guide
Free sheetmusic guide downloads
Tchaikovsky's Francesca Da Rimini (Paying)Andante du concerto n°21 en Ut majeur (K467) Mozart
Free sheet music for violins
Music-scoresMusica Viva4eme Barcarolle opus 44 en la b majeur de GABRIEL FAURE(Paying)
Additions on the Guide
Acadia Early Music Archives format .eps (PostScript). format pdf zippé
Michael Bednarek site with 134 classical scores
Additions on Pressreview and Awards Pianopassion's pages

Trio pour piano n°2, Opus 100 de Schubert to be bought on line
A link to listen to it
Sonate en La majeur D.959/scherzo-allegro vivace de Schubert
2ème air de la reine de la nuit du 2ème acte de la flûte enchantée de Mozart (Free)
Additions on the guide
Charlie's Classical Piano scores
Easy Sheet music

A very interesting spanish site for music education with a list of free sheet music sites

Additions on the Guide
Jerry's Flute Music source for flute (pdf)
Shubert An die Donau (Free) Herbst (Paying)
Gerswin music (Free)Chopin's Etude in E major
Partitions simples pour flute à bec

New site with Jacques Duphly( French composer XVIII ) sheet music for harpsichord

Additions on the Guide
Copy-us internet music publishing where I found
Summertime by Ghershwin
Autumn Extract from Four Seasons Full score (Free) Opus 8 n°3 pdf


Shostakovich Waltz Nr 2 (from Eyes Wide Shut) for a C-instrument and piano
Editions Composer/Author Schostakowitsch, Dmitri Title Walzer Nr. 2 aus der Suite Nr. 2 für Jazz-Orchester Subtitle Für Klavier Arranger Kula, Richard Orchestration/Voice Klav Page number 5 Format 29,7 x 21,0 cm Edition number SIK 2300 ISMN M-003-02847-7 Price 6.90 to be bought on line at Sikorski ou sheetmusicplus

Beau soir de Debussy, pour violoncelle et piano.
Beau Soir By Claude Debussy. Arranged by Jascha Heifetz. Violin (Violin/Piano). Size 9 X 12. Published by Carl Fischer. (B2331) Your price $5.95 from Sheetmusicplus ou Di-Arezzo
New site for for Music Publishing Boosey and Hawkes
O Music by David .l. Brunner (Paying)

Jelobinsky Nocturne Opus 19 on sheetmusic plus


Research for this italian song "PARLA MI D'AMORE MARIU"
This site for the words or this site but I could not find the sheet music anywhere
A new site to buy sheet music on line Sheetmusic europe

Additions on the Guide 
Cipoo  free domain public choral sheet music
Guitar school classical guitar arrangements of music by Bach, Scarlatti,
Albeniz free download
New Requests for sheetmusic.
Flight of the Bumble Bee    Rimnsky Korsakov
Musique traditionnelle, Bourrée,scottish, "Les Noces d'Etienne"
I recommanded this site :Musictrad
 K77 Sonata by Scarlatti transcribed for guitar...I found it on this site but it was not free
Nocturne 9 opus2 by F.Chopin , free on Sheetmusic archives
Scherzo from Opus 10 by Clara Schuman, to be ordered from Piano Pal
Additions on the Guide
Old brazilian and classical sheetmusic
Violin and Viola string resources for the UK
Score on line
Music Library 19 th century americain sheet music


11 03 2002
Bach BWV 543 To be bought on line from
Mozart Don Giovanni Ouverture Acte I and II (Free)
Haendel Lascia ch'io pianga (Rinaldo) (Free)
Offenbach Belle nuit - Les contes d'Hoffman (Free)
Thomas Bystrom ( - Air russe varié) .I could not find it but information can be obtained from the Finnish Music Center
Francis Poulenc "Nous voulons une petite soeur" I found the paroles , the score can be bought from Editions Salabert

23 february

23 february .Pianopassion has had more than a hundred thousand visistors :
 105.308 exactly, quite an adventure !and the last customer comes from Honolulu  !No novelties on the Guide this week as I spent lot of time cleaning up the site and the dead links

Prelude Karol Szymanowski (Paying)
 29 01 2002
Pianopassion had today more than a hundred thousand visitors :
 100.169 exactly, quite an adventure !
28 01 2002
I took opportunity of this windy sunday to answer all the queries in my mailbox.I had some strong virus attack ( me, not my computer, for once !) and I was late answering.

Additions on the Guide
A Database of Vocal music of the french Renaissance (Free)

Mozart Ein Kleine Natchmusik (Free)
Massenet Meditation for Thassis for solo flute (Free)
Not free, to be bought on line on sheetmusicplus
Scriabin Nocturne for the left hand 
Gabriel Fauré 4èmeBarcarolle Opus 44 el la B majeur

08 01 2002

Additions on the Guide
Base de données ARIA
Rondo Allla Turca  (Free)
Bach Cantatas
J.S Bach Chorales

24 12 2001

Jesu, joy of man's desiring Bach (Free)
Vivaldi op 8 concerti grossi N° 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12. (Free)
Adagio Albinoni (Free)
Sonate da Chiesa  (Free)  Albinoni sur Sheetmusic 
Moonlight Sonata Beethoven (Free)
Aria "Grosser herr" BWV 248

En bateau Debussy 
Piano Sonate N°8 Adagio Cantabile to be bought on line from Virtualsheetmusic
Just for Chritsmas time, I anwered the queries asking for these songs
Carol of the bells
The Way We were    
J'ai un gros nez rouge.Chanson enfantine
Près de moi
Vivo per lei de Andrea Bocelli 
Nice Christmas to all 

09 12 2001
Some Virus problem on my computer .... But everything is all right now ....
Last requests on the Guide  
Bagatelle sans tonalité by  Liszt. Here is a  site where the music can be downloaded  but I could not find the score anywhere
Landler  by Schubert, Scènes de la forêt by Schumman and  Romeo et Juliette by Prokofiev. No free partitions for these but I found them on  di-arezzo.
Concert Study in E flat" by Sir Lennox Berkeley
 this society   may be able to advise you. They say on the site that the work you look for can be found at schott publishers.

Bach BWV 661 Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland de Bach?  
Click here  to listen to the piece music and here to download it
Impromptu op.66 de Chopin
Mozart - Tenor and  Piano : PER PIETA NON RICERCATE K420.
It can be ordered from Breitkof   and  Hartel 
Per pietà, non ricercate KV 420 Arie zu P. Anfossis Oper "Il curioso indiscreto" – T,Orch – 7'
Gounod Ave Maria (Free)
Schubert Ave Maria (Free)
Piano concerto N°21
Piano Concerto 2nd mouvment free on Sheetmusic archives
Additions on the Guide :

Musique Renaissance
Free Sheet Music of all sorts

Recent Comments on  Pianopassion  on the Awards page
Recent request on the Guide for Donizetti Allegro in C major,Tchaikovsky Dumka Opus 59, and transcription for piano of  Moldau 's Smetana.

Additions on the Guide :
I got demands this week for  Scriabin,(vers la Flamme) Schumann, (dedication) sheetmusic and  Clair de Lune   by  Debussy which you can get for free
The Sheet Music Archives just changed its adress..... so its good news for every classical music amateur
03 08 2001
Sheetmusic archives with more than 4000 classical scores has vanished for some unknown reason !!!!! How sad! Does anyone know why ?
22 07 001
A wonderful site for looking for free sheetmusic, with links to PDF good quality !
I received request for Burgmuller " Ballade", and "Grieg 'cello sonata in A minor opus 36".I could not find them for free download but there are all on for sale on line.
01 07 001

Additions on the Guide :
New sites for free sheetmusic
New Requests for Sheet music
Vivaldi 4 seasons
Offenbach Can Can 
answers to various request
Sheetmusic for " Ud" 
Sheetmusic for Cello   

Ode to Joy Beethoveen
Etude de concert N°1 Il Lamento by Liszt

New site for sales of classic music scores on line 
  • Our partner and friend  Broomheard et Junker have given a new outlook to their art site, really worth paying a visit !  bj-fineart .com
  • A new site, The Société Chopin à Paris, they organize The 18 th Chopin Festival in the Orangerie of Bagatelle in Paris from June 16th to July 14 th
7 .06. 2001
  • Today,  for the first time , Pianopassion got  orders from Portugal and from South Africa.
  • I received these requests on the Guide
    JS Bach  "Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565"  (Free) 
  • Mendelsohn   Romance sans paroles "Chanson du printemps"  
    Mozart "Petite musique de nuit" (Free) 
    Chopin "Grande Polonaise brillante Opus 22"
    Burgmuller "Arabesque" ( Free)
    Brahms "Variations Theme Haydn op. 56 for solo piano"
    Brahms "Concerto N°2"
    Debussy " La cathédrale engloutie"
4 .06. 2001
Daquin "Coucou"
Debussy "Le petit Nègre"
13 .05. 2001

Valse de Brahms Opus 39 (Free) 
Georg Haendel Water Music  (Free) 
Offenbach La Périchole 
JS Bach Oratorio de Noêl
Section Freesheetmusic sites on the Guide : 90 classical pieces for free
The Magic Flute Project
. Entire opera available for download in PostScript or PDF format

Section Free Chopinsheetmusic on the Guide :

Polonaise A-Flat Major(heroic)op.53
Sheetmusic archives  (Free) Pdf file

Nocturne N°19
Sheetmusic archives ( Free)

Additions on the Guide
Bach and Vivaldi
Sheetmusic4free (Bach)
Masters of Classical Music (Bach)
The Choral Public Domain Library  (2450 scores of choir music)
New free sheet music by Chopin at Mfiles   and a  new sheet music editor specialized in czech classical music : Musica Bona
Happy Easter to all.New additions on the Guide with Gluck and Fauré sheet music
Nice letter from a girl from Netherlands about Pianopassion. Sibelius 'sheet music got me to visit numerous finnish and danish  music sites (Wilhem Hansen) and they answered my request to them with lots of details.
I have received a lot of requests, lately for sheet music and this week I found nearly all of them.You can see them on the Guide. One of them was for a solo piano performed with the left hand with an orange in the right hand... but I found the piece!
I have discovered a new Music publisher
Bcandle1.gif (1290 octets)Bcandle1.gif (1290 octets)Bcandle1.gif (1290 octets)Bcandle1.gif (1290 octets)...A special day.on this site .Today is Bernard Labadie birthday and Pianopassion  welcomes its 51 090  visitors ......

Someone asked me for the sheet music of 
Night on Bald Mountain by Moussorgsky.I found it  free on The Music Library of Denis Bouriakov a very well designed site by a young russian musician
I have added commentaries on Pianopassion on the Awards page

I recently discovered an  Interesting review of the 50 best classical music site on the "Music and vision" magazine 
I have had two requests recently for LISZT sheet music.One for " La Campalesson" the other for "Die Rose"(Spohr)" and I could not find them  on Music publishers sites. I am still looking for them but perhaps someone can help ? 
A new look for  the Guide for free sheet music
More Chopin music on the Guide for free sheet music's page
A new look for, our partners' website about art and modern painting
Free, a  new mundial directory for free sheetmusic
I have simplified the order page.To order on this site will be quicker . 


Today we had our first order from Japan

Special price for christmas : Two partitions for 150F or 20 $, instead of 170F,all taxes and transport fees included    
I have added a Guide on how to search free sheet music on the net
New page New visitor on Pianopassion
Pianopassion is in the Classical Music links of Formatic 2000
an interesting repertoire site with more than 4000 links.

  Pianopassion is on the 100 musicstores list

Pressreview for Piano passion
Partitions gratuites  a new adress to download free pianosheetmusic
New links in the Chopin'slinks page
Virtual Sheet music proposes 4 Chopin partitions for free download
De la has a page Paroles et Partitions which mentions Pianopassion
I recommend a visit to Vincent Dindy (french composer -1851-1931) 's  web site.